HEINE® visionPRO Video Laryngoscope

The new HEINE visionPRO video laryngoscope with very, very, very good  image quality.

For fast and reliable intubation, nothing is more important than the best view of the glottis – with a bright and sharp image. This is true for every intubation – and even more so for difficult, unforeseen situations. That's why HEINE combined the best components in their new visionPRO video laryngoscope, from the camera to the image processing to the new HEINE allBRIGHT display.

Extremely durable. After all, it is made in Germany.

The new HEINE visionPRO is extremely robust and reliable. The grip head and display frame are made of anodised aluminium, while the handle and camera arm are made of stainless steel. The cover glass of the new allBRIGHT display is highly protective. After all, the high reliability of HEINE instruments is legendary. The same applies to the new HEINE video laryngoscope.

The new HEINE allBRIGHT display.

The new allBRIGHT display provides true color and lifelike imaging even in bright ambient light. No wonder, because HEINE is the first and only supplier of video laryngoscopes worldwide to offer a transflective display.

Straight to the target.

With its extra-large field of view in portrait format, the new HEINE visionPRO shows a significantly larger section of the glottis and the relevant surrounding anatomy. This means that quick and easy orientation – even in time-critical situations – is always well supported. Intuitive to handle, HEINE visionPRO allows the user to focus fully on the intubation.

Safe, fast and easy to clean.

To ensure maximum patient safety, the display and handle can be easily separated for numerous validated reprocessing procedures. The handle can be wipe disinfected or even sterilised by low-temperature. The display can be hygienically reprocessed with low level disinfection. This is thanks to the smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces called HEINE smoothSURFACE.

Sustainability built in.

The new HEINE visionPRO features a rechargeable lithium battery, with near infinite life. This reduces costs and, above all, the impact on the environment. Not only are single-use batteries expensive but are also highly problematic to manufacture and dispose of - and so not sustainable.

799-F-270.95.862 Lanrygoscope Video visionPRO Mac Kit w screen handle camera charger
799-F-007.22.350 Screen visionPRO DS1
799-F-008.22.360 Handle and Camera visionPRO HR1 Mac
799-X-002.99.214 Charging Base visionPRO CS1

The HEINE visionPRO Macintosh blades

Made from upcycled material that comes from discarded refrigerators. By recycling these refrigerators in a controlled manner, we spare the environment around 200 tons of CO2 in the first year alone.

Upcycled material

HEINE FixLock system

Safe and hygienic

799-F-000.22.243 Blades Single Use visionPRO Mac 3 BX/10
799-F-000.22.244 Blades Single Use visionPRO Mac 4 BX/10
799-F-000.22.253 Blades Single Use visionPRO Mac 3 BX/50
799-F-000.22.254 Blades Single Use visionPRO Mac 4 BX/50

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