Online Ordering Features

The Stevens website offers online ordering capability, including the ability to create Favourites Lists and Express Orders. Logged in users also have the ability to view Orders in Process, Account Statements, and Invoice History. Contact us to set up an account today!

Favourites Lists

When logged in to, you have the ability to create favourites lists of frequently ordered items. You can find items using the product search feature and them to your list by using the Add to Favourites button in the product detail view.

Alternatively, you can have the site suggest the items for your favourites list based on your invoice history.

Express Orders

If you know the product codes of the items you'd like to order, our Express Order feature might be for you! Place an express order using these simple steps:

  1. Enter product codes and quantities
  2. Click Load info to load product information and verify your selection
  3. Add items to the cart

Other ways to order

Product Search feature

Search by product code (partial or full) or keywords to add items to your cart directly from your search results.

Product Categories

Browse product categories and add products from those pages

Invoice History or Orders in Process

If you've ordered an item before, you can add products to a cart directly from invoice history or orders in process.