Discover Biatain® Silicone with 3DFit® Technology

A Perfect Fit. Every Time.

With conventional foam dressings, a gap can form between the wound bed and the dressing. This allows exudate pooling, which may lead to the risk of infection, and to a delay in wound healing (1-3). Biatain Silicone is a conforming dressing with 3DFit® Technology that fills the gap and reduces exudate pooling to promote optimal healing conditions.

The Benefits of 3DFit® Technology

Upon contact with exudate, the foam with 3DFit® Technology conforms to the individual wound bed and stops pooling before it starts. Microcapillaries go into action to absorb the exudate vertically, and to create optimal healing conditions. The exudate is locked away and retained even under compression, reducing risk of leakage and maceration of the wound edges and periwound skin.

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