CleanPatch® is a first-in-class medical surface repair patch for hospital beds and stretchers. It restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state.

The Problem:

Patient surfaces are easily damaged from daily wear and tear. Replacing equipment such as hospital mattresses and examination tables is expensive, and requires that these important items be taken out of service.

It is important to address damage quickly. A damaged surface cannot be properly cleaned by any disinfectant used in hospitals today. Once a surface is damaged, the inner foam core can harbour dangerous pathogens and increases the risk of HAIs among patients.

Before CleanPatch®, there was no safe solution for repairing damaged surfaces. CleanPatch® is designed to repair damage quickly, easily and safely—for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The Solution:

The CleanPatch® and CleanPatch®-V Product Lines are the first clinically validated repair product that restores damaged healthcare surfaces to an intact and hygienic state.

Save Money

  • Extends the life of capital equipment
  • Significant savings compared to cost of recovering or replacing equipment

Improve Patient Safety

  • Fully cleanable with hospital disinfectants
  • Early intervention reduces risk of cross contamination among patients

Clinically Tested

  • Validated for use in hospital settings
  • Adopted by thousands of healthcare facilities globally
  • FDA, Health Canada, CE Mark, and TGA registered



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