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AVE 2 Birthing Bed #142-4BCPPB-BCZOOOD

The AVE 2 birthing bed brings expectant mothers maximum safety and comfort. Thanks to the AVE 2, the birth takes place naturally according to their expectations. For healthcare staff the bed is a reliable and practical tool which improves the quality and facilitates the care of the woman in labour at all stages of birth. It creates a feeling of a pleasant and safe environment for the woman in labour and family members.

  • Attractive and functional design at first sight.
  • Women in labour can freely choose their birthing position.

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Eleganza 3 Acute Care Bed#142-1GZ5A145-W2

The eleganza 3 bed has a positive effect on the treatment and recovery of patients and ensures that the work of healthcare staff working in acute units is more effective and easier with the help of the unique functional features.

The variable side rails provide flexible falls protection. The Eleganza protector at the foot end helps to prevent falls of confused patients in accordance with individual risk assesssment.

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Tom 2—New generation of children's bed

Tom 2 is an electrically adjustable bed adapted in its design for pre-school children. The Tom 2 healthcare bed is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated functions and thus can also be used in intensive care. The main advantages of Tom 2 are its safety and excellent unrestricted access of staff to the small patient.

Benefits of Tom 2 include:

  • Unique concept of telescopic siderails
  • Column construction mechanism
  • Above-standard safety parameters
  • Designed for children

Tom 2 is a perfect combination of functionality, ergonomics and design and moves the children bed category into a wholly new dimension. The first truly pediatric bed!

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