Remove a stuck ring from a swollen finger, without cutting or destroying the ring.

Time is a precious commodity, patient flow is ever important, and tools that make this job easier and more efficient are invaluable.

Ring cutting can be technically difficult (and at times practically impossible), especially with harder materials such as titanium and tungsten. Several methods of ring cutting have been described, all requiring specific equipment and all carry risk, such as risk of thermal burns, traumatic injury, and tissue reactions.

Avoid prolonged department stays, excessive provider time, and complicated outcomes. Avoid destroying a valuable and sentimental piece of jewellery. With Ring Rescue, you can appreciate the increased patient and provider satisfaction and improve patient flow. Ring Rescue is registered with and cleared by the FDA and Health Canada. (Click for FDA Link).

#586-RKM-CA ring removal device
#586-RL-CA lubricant

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