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Odorgon® — Eliminates rather than masks undesirable odours

How does Odorgon® Work?

  • In the past, fragrances have been commonly used to "mask" offensive odours. Ordinary fragrances, even those specifically formulated to solve this problem, eventually dissipate and the offensive odours reappear.
  • Odorgon® however, is a "contact" odour eliminator. The active ingredient features semi-rigid, concave molecular structures. These theoretical internal cavities have the unique ability to "capture" odour-causing molecules.
  • The process of odour elimination by Odorgon® occurs immediately upon contact with offensive odours. Odorgon® will remain effective and controls odours as long as its active ingredient is available. When the active ingredient becomes saturated, repeat application of the product would be required for additional odour control.
  • Odorgon® is effective for the control of malodours. The interaction of its active ingredient and the odour molecules is unique and selective. It is able to capture offensive odours with certain molecular configurations, such as mercaptans, amines, sulfides, acids, etc. – but pleasing scents remain unaffected.
  • Therefore, Odorgon® can be used as an odour eliminator with wide consumer appeal.

Unscented Odorgon® Available!

Odorgon® eliminates rather than masks undesirable odours, which is why we can offer it in unscented, fragrance-free formulation.

New larger sizes are perfect for housekeeping carts!

Odorgon® Original
#741-988-0144 114mL
#741-988-0074 237mL
#741-988-8701 500mL
#741-988-0080 4L

Odorgon® Unscented
#741-988-1260 60mL
#741-988-1114 114mL
#741-988-1237 237mL
#741-988-8665 750mL trigger bottle
#741-988-8702 1L
#741-988-8182 4L

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